Erick Avari

Erick Avari is a television, film and theater actor, as well as a writer, director and producer with a career spanning over 30 years. He is best known for his roles in productions such as Stargate, Independence Day, The Mummy, Daredevil, Planet of the Apes and Mr. Deeds.

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How lucky am I?!?! I'm knocking on wood as I write but I have been blessed to have had a run of such wonderful experiences. I just completed shooting an episode of "Major Crimes," the spin off of the show I've wanted to be on since its very first season, "The Closer." Although I had technically worked with the very lovely and charming Mary McDonnell on "Independence Day," our paths had never crossed and I had never worked with any of the other cast either. What a pleasure to work with such seasoned veterans. We struck mutual bonds and and shared old war stories of days gone by and it was a marvelous experience. I was received with a spirit of generosity that only comes with class and these are without exception, a classy and talented bunch of actors. [ Read Post ]


Yes indeed although it has been 4 months since my last rant about health issues, I do have uplifting news and lots of it! It has been a busy couple of months between fittings for the upcoming Fox show, "Hieroglyph", medical for insurance, cast and crew screenings for, "The Brink" and the table read throughs for the studio and network execs I found myself in Albuquerque New Mexico, playing for ancient Egypt surrounded by a predominantly young British cast, having a ball! There was much excitement in the air and the expectations for the show were almost palpable. I could go on and on about how charged everyone, from the crew to the Execs were and it made for a great shoot and friendships were forged that hopefully will continue as long as the memories. Look for it this fall season! It will be a fun ride. [ Read Post ]


Strange that over the course of my career I have played perhaps more doctors than any other profession while having very little first hand experience with them but over the past year I believe Iíve done more than enough research in the field to finally bring some nuance to future roles. Enough said on that topic however. Hopefully will have something more exciting and uplifting to talk about in the next post or two. [ Read Post ]

1.11. 14

Life has been rushing at me on several fronts including my beautiful wife's birthday, our 34th, anniversary, and topped off with a dream shoot on The Brink! At the risk of sounding Hollywood clawing (but it must be said), if I wasn't already a huge Jack Black fan I adored working with this man! Apart from everything one sees up on the screen Jack is a consummate professional to boot. Long story, for another time as it would involve a spoiler to a bit of hilarity! Will have to remember to tell the story once the show airs, so remind me if I forget! For now, sufficeth to say, he’s a mench and a highly gifted actor. Add to that, two days on set with Aasif Mandvi to entertain us with stories of working on the Daily show and I was in heaven! After a truly disappointing (and painful) 2013 I can’t help feeling this is a very nice pay back. I feel blessed! [ Read Post ]


It feels so good to have 13 behind me. Being born on the 13th of the month Iíve always considered it a lucky number. Iím starting to realize, including the number in any and all lottery tickets is the reason Iíve never won the lottery. But I am twice as thrilled to be stepping into the New Year with the newest feature on the website! I must give a huge huge shout out to Dan Fields and Allan Gowen who have worked tirelessly over their holiday season to bring you these live blog updates and many more surprises to follow. Thanks guys, itís working like a charm and thanks for creativity, willingness to push the envelope and your straight up support through thick and thin!! Happy New Year to all! [ Read Post ]